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Ways to reduce cancer risks.

The aetiology of cancer is multifactorial, with environmental, lifestyle factors and genetic predisposition playing a role in the pathogenesis of this disease. Cancer can impact one's quality of life, psychological state in various ways and lead to death. The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) report that in the UK in 2013, 351,578 cases of cancer… Continue reading Ways to reduce cancer risks.


National Cholesterol Awareness Month

This month is National Cholesterol Month, which is a month devoted to raise awareness of the health implications of high cholesterol levels and raising funds to help Heart UK.   Heart UK is a cholesterol charity, that provide support, guidance and education services to healthcare professionals and the public with concerns about cholesterol. Having high… Continue reading National Cholesterol Awareness Month

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World Breastfeeding Week: Breastfeeding Benefits & Diet

World Breast Feeding Week It is World Breastfeeding Week (1st -7th  August)! This is a global movement to promote, protect and support breastfeeding by anyone, anywhere and at any time.  Breastfeeding helps to satisfy a baby’s needs, it is also a special moment in which mothers bond with their babies and create a long-lasting relationship.… Continue reading World Breastfeeding Week: Breastfeeding Benefits & Diet

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4 Tips To Maintain Your Weight On Holiday

The summer holiday season is upon us and many are planning to go on vacation with family and friends to experience life in another country for a couple of weeks. During the summer holidays, comfortable resorts, warm waters and white, sandy beaches will surely be enjoyed. Though, trying out delicious meals the destination has to… Continue reading 4 Tips To Maintain Your Weight On Holiday

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Monthly Cookbook Club!

Excited to launch this tomorrow (Thursday 20th July)! The monthly cookbook club is open to everyone!! It a social evening with talks on nutrition and health, people trying out different recipes, discussing their fav cookbooks, eating delicious food,  and having lots of fun (plus a £3 contribution to cover costs). We will meet on the last… Continue reading Monthly Cookbook Club!


Nutrition During Your Fasting Season

Fasting is a special time of spiritual reflection, increased devotion, worship and abstention from eating and drinking during specific fasting times is imperative. It essential for individuals fasting during the summer months to maintain their energy levels, stay hydrated and aim to have a healthy and balanced meal before and after their fast. Below are… Continue reading Nutrition During Your Fasting Season


Eating Out Does Not Have To Be Intimidating

Eating out at a restaurant or cafe is fun and exciting but can also be intimidating for some individuals if they are aiming to improve their nutritional and health status or trying to stay within their recommended caloric intake. Some people may feel this type of way because they feel that they are not in charge of what they eat. Well...who can… Continue reading Eating Out Does Not Have To Be Intimidating