Cookbook Club

Cookbook Club – July 2017

Kicked off the first cookbook club with a bang! We had so much fun, informative talks, ate delicious dishes and had even more fun! At the start, a brief about the aims and mission for the cookbook club was given to the lovely people who came. We then had some starters which consisted of fruit skewers, cucumber and red pepper sticks with dips and Mediterranean mixed salad inspired by Enhlife’s cookbook (which will be released soon). We then had discussions about the latest nutrition and health trends before moving on to the main course – everyone had an option to have the spicy seafood spaghetti or prawn and vegetable rice or both!…again inspired by Enhlife’s cookbook.

A Registered Nurse who has experience dealing with patients with chronic disorders like Type 2 Diabetes and working within Gastroenterology informed us about stools and how nutrition plays a big role on different stool types! That didn’t put people off though because straight after we had dessert!! a twist to your typical yogurt in a pot! We continued to converse about nutrition and why it is important to have an optimal nutritional status. Before the cookbook club came to a close, we played games! which is always fun….

Next month’s cookbook club will be on Thursday 31st August at 7pm.  Click on link to register now- limited places

The monthly cookbook club is open to everyone!! It’s a social evening with talks on nutrition and health, people trying out different recipes, discussing their fav cookbooks, eating delicious food,  and having lots of fun (plus a £3 contribution to cover costs).


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