Cookbook Club

Cookbook Club – August 2017

We hosted our second cookbook club on Thursday 31st August. A perfect way to end the month! It was a great evening, filled with fun, healthy and delicious dishes and talks on health and nutrition. Everyone who attended left satisfied (with their bellies full) and a sound knowledge on nutrition, healthy eating and its importance in maintaining good health.

We had experts on the day – Qualified Nutritionists and Registered Nurse who talked about the EatWell guide and provided practical advice on how individuals can reduce the risks of developing nutrition-related disorders/diseases.

We also taught creative ways everyone can achieve their 5 A Day as we know the majority of the UK public are typically having 2-3 portions of fruits and vegetables a day. Additionally, we talked about how a healthy diet consists of two portions of fish a week, including one of oily fish. The importance of including fish into one’s diet and the nutrition and health benefits of doing so. After that, we served some homemade vegetable couscous, spinach and mackerel stew with rice! which everyone LOVED! we encouraged everyone to recreate the recipe at home.

We debunked some common nutrition and health myths and discussed current news/trends on nutrition.

Below are some snippets of the cookbook club!! Photography by Kingdom Focused Media

If you are interested in coming to our next one please book your places! Please note we can host max 12 people, so book your places before it is too late! :


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