At the end of every talk, presentation and workshop – a feedback and testimonial form is given to individuals to complete. This helps to measure the quality of the services provided and work on any areas that need improving.


Tai’s workshop has helped me to fully understand why healthy eating is important especially during pregnancy. – Claire


Tai’s talk was very informative and well delivered. Learnt about different cultures and their attitudes towards food and healthy eating. – Simone U


Really clear slides, nice and easy to understand. Even as a Dietetics 4th year student – I found the nutrients slides very very clear and helped me to refresh my memory. – K


The workshop was really fun and interactive. Who knew eating healthy could be so much fun. Tai was very friendly, approachable and supportive. She definitely knows her stuff. – Alev


Really informative & accessible information that can help people make positive changes in nutrition in day to day life. – Z